Why to Choose Surfex Interior Films?

Why to Choose Surfex Interior Films?

Our accredited installers and distributors have been very dealing in Vinyl Films and Surfex Original Interior Films – SOIF for many years. We do not force anyone to choose us just based on the years of our experience, but these are our customer reviews that enable us to say proudly “we are among the best“. If you are looking for the modern ways to decorate your homes and offices, these films are the best option for covering walls, tables, furniture, etc. These are very easy to apply and the self-adhesive quality of these films is making them more popular all over the world.

Surfex Original Interior Films – SOIF and Vinyl Films are decorative films with exceptional design quality, water resistance, and durability. These films are in use over many years and have a variety of options for applications around the world, ranging from interior of many structures to furniture, fittings, and wall panels. So, if you are looking for the classy and elegant looks, we provide you the best solutions at a reasonable cost.

Looking for Replacement of Your Furniture?

Why are you looking for a replacement when there is an option of resurfacing with our hundreds of film designs. So, it is now time to save your money and not to waste it carelessly. Your worn out surfaces can now be reused. Isn’t that good news?

A Brief Look on Features of Films We Provide

Our products are not blended with only one specific feature; you will find a list of features in these:

  • Variety of patterns
  • Self-adhesive
  • Fire rated
  • Eco friendly
  • Best quality and fascinating designs

As smooth textured-finishes, our films are frequently used on walls, doors, tile, moldings, panels, elevators, fixtures, columns, tables, and on many more indoor structures. You can apply our decorative films to all types of surfaces including cement, wood, paint, tiles, or plaster.

The Vinyl Films and Surfex Original Interior Films – SOIF are imprinted to copy the natural aesthetics like granite, wood, leather, metals, marble, in hundreds of unique designs that you will not find at all Interior Film Installers.

These films are designed in the way that they can withstand any wear and tear.

Versatility is the Plus

Opening the doors of opportunity in the world of interior designs, we thank to the Vinyl Films and Surfex Original Interior Films’ thermoforming capacity, we are able to mold and adapt these to turn to any shape. So, these are perfect solutions for furniture renovation or restoration.

Feel the Nature Look in an Innovative Way!

At a portion of the cost, now we provide you a solution to update your surfaces and change your interiors. The classic and modern looks of genuine leather with an extraordinary texture now can be enjoyed with minimum expenditures. The nature feel options do not finish here, the natural appeal of wooden patterns can be marveled too. There are even more classic designs that create sophisticated but tricky visual effects.

So, if you are the one who is looking for changes in your interior or designing your interior, we provide you the best solution based on your imaginations.