Transforming Hotel Refurbishments with Surfex Interior Film: The Choice of Renowned Brands

Transforming Hotel Refurbishments with Surfex Interior Film: The Choice of Renowned Brands


Hotel refurbishments are an essential aspect of the hospitality industry, aiming to create inviting and visually appealing spaces that leave a lasting impression on guests. In recent years, Surfex Interior Film has emerged as a go-to solution for hotel renovations, attracting the attention of renowned brands such as Hilton, Travelodge, Premier Inn, and Hyatt. This innovative self-adhesive film has found its way into various areas of hotels, offering numerous advantages that appeal to designers, hotel owners, managers, and engineers alike.

Areas of Application in Hotels:

Surfex Interior Film offers remarkable versatility when it comes to hotel refurbishments. The film can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, allowing for comprehensive transformations in various areas, including:

Guest Rooms: Surfex Interior Film can breathe new life into guest rooms, instantly refreshing outdated furniture, headboards, and accent walls. With a vast array of patterns and textures available, hoteliers can create unique atmospheres to cater to different design themes and preferences.
Reception and Lobby: The reception area is the first point of contact for guests, and Surfex Interior Film provides an opportunity to make a lasting impression. By applying the film to counters, columns, or feature walls, hoteliers can achieve a sophisticated and welcoming ambiance that reflects their brand identity.
Conference Rooms and Event Spaces: Transforming conference rooms and event spaces is crucial for creating an inspiring environment. Surfex Interior Film can be used on doors, partitions, and even tabletops, enabling hoteliers to effortlessly update the look and feel of these areas, aligning them with the desired atmosphere for business meetings, conferences, or special events.
Advantages of Surfex Interior Film for Hotel Refurbishments:

Cost-Effective Solution: Hotel refurbishments can be expensive and time-consuming, but Surfex Interior Film offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional renovation methods. It eliminates the need for replacing furniture or surfaces, reducing both material and labor costs significantly.
Quick Installation: Time is of the essence when it comes to hotel refurbishments, as hotels strive to minimize disruption to guests. Surfex Interior Film boasts a quick and hassle-free installation process, allowing for swift transformations without lengthy downtime.
Durability and Easy Maintenance: Hotels experience high foot traffic, making durability a top priority. Surfex Interior Film is resistant to scratches, moisture, and UV radiation, ensuring that surfaces maintain their aesthetic appeal even in high-traffic areas. Additionally, the film is easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze for hotel staff.
Versatility in Design: With a wide range of patterns and textures available, Surfex Interior Film caters to various design styles and themes. Designers have the freedom to choose from realistic wood grains, sleek metallic finishes, or vibrant colors, creating unique and visually captivating spaces that align with the hotel's branding and ambiance.
Surfex Interior Film: A Preferred Choice for Hotels:

Surfex Interior Film has become a preferred choice for hotel refurbishments, garnering significant interest from designers, hotel owners, managers, and engineers within the industry. Renowned brands such as Hilton, Travelodge, Premier Inn, and Hyatt have recognized the value and advantages offered by this innovative material, incorporating it into their renovations to elevate the guest experience.

With its extensive range of applications, cost-effectiveness, durability, and versatile design options, Surfex Interior Film continues to be specified by designers for hotel refurbishments. It addresses the unique requirements of the hospitality industry, providing an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution that exceeds expectations.


Surfex Interior Film has carved a niche for itself in hotel refurbishments, capturing the attention of prominent hotel brands worldwide. With its ability to