Surfex Interior Film is decorative architectural films with pressure sensitive adhesive (a self-adhesive decorative films) with excellent design quality, durability, and water resistance. With a rich variety, Surfex Interior Film has been used more than a decade in a variety of applications around the world, ranging from interior of buildings to fittings, furniture, wall panels.

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The Surfex Vinyl Spatula Set is a comprehensive collection of three essential tools designed to elevate your vinyl application experience. This set includes three sizes: Mini, Medium, and Standard, providing versatility and precision for a wide range of vinyl projects. Whether you're working with Surfex Interior Film or any other vinyl material, these spatulas are the perfect companions for achieving flawless and professional results.

Each spatula in the Surfex Vinyl Spatula Set is thoughtfully crafted with quality and functionality in mind. The set covers various application needs, allowing you to tackle different tasks with ease and confidence.

Mini Spatula:
The Mini Spatula is the perfect tool for delicate and intricate vinyl applications. Its compact size and slim blade allow for precise control, making it ideal for small designs, tight corners, and hard-to-reach areas. With the Mini Spatula, you can effortlessly remove air bubbles, smooth edges, and apply even pressure for seamless vinyl adhesion.
Medium Spatula:
The Medium Spatula strikes the perfect balance between versatility and maneuverability. Its slightly larger size provides added coverage while maintaining precision. This spatula is excellent for general vinyl applications, such as smoothing out larger surfaces, removing bubbles, and ensuring a smooth finish. The Medium Spatula is a reliable tool for achieving consistent and professional results.
Standard Spatula:
The Standard Spatula is the go-to tool for larger vinyl applications and projects that require wider coverage. Its broader blade enables efficient vinyl pressing and smoothing over larger areas, allowing for quick and uniform adhesion. This spatula is perfect for wrapping car exteriors, covering extensive wall surfaces, and other sizeable vinyl projects.
The Surfex Vinyl Spatula Set offers exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. Each spatula is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring reliable use and repeated application without compromising their effectiveness.

Whether you're a professional installer, graphic designer, or DIY enthusiast, the Surfex Vinyl Spatula Set is an invaluable addition to your toolkit. With three different sizes to choose from, you can tackle any vinyl project with precision and confidence, achieving flawless results every time.

In summary, the Surfex Vinyl Spatula Set provides a comprehensive and versatile solution for flawless vinyl applications. From intricate designs to larger surfaces, the set's three sizes - Mini, Medium, and Standard - cater to a range of needs. Elevate your vinyl projects with the Surfex Vinyl Spatula Set and experience professional-quality results with ease and precision.